Obama to Shore-up ObamaCare Enrollment with Illegal Aliens?

By John W. Lillpop

Consistent with the evil progressive admonition to “never let a crisis go to waste,” Barack Obama appears in readiness to bolster the failing ObamaCare enrollment statistics with a surge in the illegal alien constituency.

Or, do you naively believe that Obama’s plan to use Executive Amnesty to usurp existing immigration laws comes at the same time as the Open Enrollment period for Marxist health care is but sheer coincidence?

If so, you probably also believe that Santa Clause is a Muslim cleric intent on spreading the Good Cheer of Allah!

Remember, it has been reported that the ObamaCare numbers are lagging. What better way to pump up the numbers than by creating several million “instant” eligible applicants through the use of the presidential pen?

That action would, of course, make the ACA less sustainable and would drive overall healthcare costs up, besides rewarding criminals with undeserved amnesty.

But what the heck? To quote liberal icon Jonathan Gruber, lack of transparency is a “political advantage” when one is working to fleece the American people!

The “STUPID” American people, that is!