Barack Thanks W. for His Help on Immigration!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Before George W. Bush left office, he made a failed attempt to pass amnesty through a reluctant Congress. In the process, W. arrogantly taunted opponents by promising to see them at the “amnesty signing.”

Of course, that signing never took place and W left office without the legacy he so desperately coveted, Numero Uno Creator of Illegal Aliens.

Barack Obama, a modest man always looking for ways to recognize outstanding contributions made by Republicans  on behalf of the little guy, remembered W.’s yearning to celebrate the signing of documents that would enable illegal aliens to come out of the shadows and take their rightful place in American society.

Therefore, Barack hand-printed the following memo to W.:

Dear W.,

Just a quick note to thank you for the eight years of your presidency during which you abdicated your Constitutional responsibility to secure the borders and defend American citizens from invasions by brethren from south of our borders.

Your blatant indifference to the rule of law, even after the terrorist attack on 9/11, has been invaluable in establishing the “Brown Advantage” that Hispanic illegals need in their efforts to recover lands stolen from Mexico by invading Caucasians from Europe two centuries ago!

Because of people like you, I am about to sign an immigration decree that will literally transform America into a sanctuary for tens of millions of “hard-working, good hearted” amigos that deserve a chance to escape the corruption and chaos of Mother Mexico!

Please accept my apology for not inviting you to the signing ceremony, but as I am sure you will understand, it is a “Democrats Only” affair.

Give my regards to Brother Jeb and tell him that my decree was in no way motivated by a desire to steal his thunder with the illegals!

Chow and Adios,