Obama’s Unlawful Immigration Decree: An Issue Worthy of Bitter Protest by All Black Americans!

By John W. Lillpop

All across America, angry African-Americans continue to protest what they perceive as the complete lack of justice in the case of black teen Michael Brown whom was killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO last August. Often the protests turn violent as businesses in black communities are torched and destroyed.

While blacks foolishly incinerate black neighborhoods and business communities, a cause worthy of profound protest goes largely unnoticed.

That would be the unlawful, unconstitutional, and immoral
decree issued by President Obama to provide work permits
and benefits to 5 million foreign invaders residing illegally in
America; non-citizens whom have no moral or legal basis for
being in America, much less deserving of being aided and
abetted by unlawful actions executed by America’s renegade

As Barack Obama goes out of his way to assist foreign
invaders, the cruel irony is that unemployment among black
(mostly) citizens stands at around 11 percent, at a time
when overall, national unemployment is about 5 percent.

What could possibly motivate America’s first black President
to deliberately stoke the population of foreign job seekers
when black unemployment is so outrageously high?

Even more puzzling: Why are black protesters not taking to
the streets to demand that Barack Obama be prevented
from adding to the economic distress afflicting so many
African Americans?

Why is it acceptable for a black president to stab his own people
in the back by pandering to foreign non-citizens, all for political advantage?

Do people in the black community agree with Obama’s
idiotic assertion  that Native Americans are the only
people  entitled to  object to the illegal invasion of

Nonsense!  Of course, black people see the folly and evil in
that specious argument.

Obama is clearly motivated by a wicked desire to secure a
constituency of uneducated, non-English speaking parasites
that will reliably vote Democrat for generations.

Unfortunately, Obama is using millions of black Americans as
fodder in his war on American democracy and capitalism.

Obama’s immigration decree: An issue worthy of angry
protest by black Americans!