More Repulsive: Looting & Riots in Ferguson, or Shopper Violence in Malls on Black Friday?

By John W. Lillpop

Those who yearn for the comfort and joy of Christmas are especially pained by the riots and looting making news in Ferguson these days, because those events are stark reminders that the forces of evil are always lurking in our midst, ever ready to mitigate the good news of Christmas…that being the birth of the Christ child more than 2,000 years ago and with that birth, the salvation of human kind.

As awful as the bad actors in Ferguson are, they are NOT the only examples of disgusting behavior these days.

For sure, the brazen looting and random destruction of private property are shameful examples of American greed and lawlessness gone wildly off center. Those horrific images of young men and women carting away stolen goods beneath SEASONS GREETINGS banners will be difficult, if not impossible, to forget.

Nearly as repulsive, however, are the images and stories of crazed shoppers going head-to-head in mortal combat with other shoppers for the right to purchase Black Friday booty at bargain prices.

Not the same as outright looting, you say?

Perhaps not, still the greed and lack of goodwill are just as distressing as thug behavior in Ferguson because shoppers are committing uncivil acts while allegedly involved in celebrating the most Precious event in the history of human kind.

Just how in Hades are two curvaceous women clawing each other to death over the right to a cheap brassiere any less disgusting than a punk stealing a High-definition, 50” TV?

All are missing the joy of Christmas and should be ashamed of them selves!