"Gruber-Gate" Permeates Obama's Evil Tyranny!

By John W. Lillpop

With his elitist rants about the stupidity of the American people and the political advantages of non- transparency in government, Jonathan Gruber unwittingly provides priceless insights into the evil workings of the progressive mind and the unmitigated foolishness of entrusting Democrats with even modest responsibility for honest, open government.

By the way, in this the age of violent, radioactive partisanship and the almost complete lack of private communication, just how much IQ must one possess to star in several videos which prove unequivocally the fundamental stupidity of ObamaCare and inherent evil of its advocates?

What responsible “architect” from MIT would be caught on tape while engaging in such vile acts of stupidity and arrogance?

Besides widespread stupidity and the lack of transparency in his administration, Barack Obama’s tyranny has been aided and abetted by a complicit media that refuses to think objectively about a black liberal whose competence, integrity, and patriotism have never been established positively to the satisfaction of anyone smarter than Nancy Pelosi!

Thanks to the “brilliance” of Gruber, we the people now know of a certainty know that Barack Obama is a brutal, power-hungry madman who covets personal glory more than he owns any genuine concern for the “powerless” people whom  he professes to represent.

His narcissistic delusions, bordering on severe mental disability, enable him to convince his self that his intellect is so vastly superior to the “stupid” people over whom he rules that lying, fraud, and deceit are justified because, after all,  he is doing the “right thing” for the inferior dolts subject to his tyranny.

Which is why this demon could stand before the American people and claim with a straight face that Obamacare would cover millions of previously uninsured people while simultaneously reducing overall health care costs!

Whom, other than a hopelessly stupid dreamer(Democrat), would believe such idiocy?

Which is why ObamaCare was passed by Democrats without a single defection from the nasty, racist Republicans!

Obama’s obsession with the “Gruber
Mindset” is also driving his lawless, unconstitutional plans to execute Executive Amnesty against the will and desires of the Congress of the United States and the majority of American citizens.

Under this scheme, Obama would unilaterally modify existing law to grant amnesty to millions of invading criminals, the overwhelming majority of whom could be counted on to vote Democrat for the rest of their lives, if and when they were able to secure citizenship.

Once again, Obama and the Democrats are counting on the “stupidity” of the American people, the citizens,  to overlook the willful degradation of culture, language, and society through unlawful amnesty granted to millions of third-world criminals and miscreants.

Obama claims that Executive Amnesty is justified because
it is the “right thing to do.”

To which one must ask, where in the Constitution is the president endowed with the unilateral power to disregard the will of the people and of the US Congress and existing law because of his belief, however sincere, that such action would be the “right thing to do”?

Obama’s version of progressive extremism suffered a severe beating on November 4 when the voters said Hell No! to those who support the tyranny and right-thing-to-do baloney of Barack Obama.

Still, the out-of-control community organizer elitist persists with Executive Amnesty, global climate change, eradication of coal from the US energy resource pool, and equally inane policies that the American people simply do not want!

The big question: If Barack Obama refuses to abide by the rule of law and the Constitution, and insists on implementing his agenda despite Congress and we the people, how can our form of self-governance and commitment to rule of law survive?

Is civil war the only option?