Fluke Named Sandra Gags in California!

By John W. Lillpop

Sandra Fluke is so wacky, radical and out of touch with most Americans that it is difficult to imagine how she would be taken seriously anywhere……except for the ultra-left confines of Communist California, which also boasts at being the only place on the planet where ding- bat Nancy Pelosi would stand a chance at being allowed to vote, much less being elected!

Fluke who believes that the US Constitution requires taxpayers to fund her sexual adventures, and misadventures,  as well as other actions she might undertake in order to counter the War on Women poppycock promoted by the left, has joined the class of ’14 losers, all liberals, caught up in the GOP wave.

As reported:

Sandra Fluke, who rose to fame after lobbying Congress for free birth control, has lost her bid for the California state Senate.

Fluke came in second during California’s June jungle primary. This allowed her to continue to the general election along with her Democratic opponent, Ben Allen.

With Fluke’s loss, the Democrats’ “war on women” narrative takes another heavy blow. Fluke ran for office based on her fame gained from the creation of that political argument, as did Wendy Davis in Texas. Neither woman won her respective race.”

With Fluke and Davis consigned to the losers pavilion of history, perhaps now Democrats can work to combat out of wedlock births and Obama's War on stay at home mothers!