Whom Will Obama Blame If Democrats Lose Senate?

By John W. Lillpop

Although it is way too early to predict damn near anything about the November 4 election, just a few days from now, it is NEVER too early to speculate about whom Barack Obama will blame should the Democrat Party lose majority control of the US Senate.

 Hint: He will most definitely NOT point the finger of blame at his surly, radioactive self!  

Indeed, rather than accept even a smidgen of responsibility for any election day Republican wave, or even a modest right-wing puddle, The One will, should election results reflect widespread dissatisfaction with his agenda and leadership, resurrect his favorite excuses and promulgate the same as sinister evils inherent in a society dominated by white Christian male capitalists for far too long.

That would include:

Voter ID laws

Fox News

Global warming (or cooling)

America’s terrible history of slavery and “subtle” racism

Income inequality

Angry, low-information Jews provoked by “Chicken****” , aka, Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

People with more than $100 in savings

Homophobic Evangelicals

NFL  fans

The South

Economic crisis in Europe

Hysterical Pro-life extremists!


and the ever popular favorite blame name for BHO:

GW Bush!

Clearly, Obama would view a historic defeat on Tuesday as a strong indication that America is in the throes of a powerful spiritual demise which fogs the reasoning power and compassion of voters.

The solution: Another Trillion dollar stimulus and degradation and destruction of all borders between the US and Mexico!