Barack Has Given Up on Legacy---Now Covets Martyrdom!

By John W. Lillpop

When Barack Obama first thrust himself upon the “stupid” people of America as a candidate for the Presidency, he entertained lofty visions of a permanent legacy that would leave him as the morphing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and a managed version of Jesus Christ…. without the spiritual-Christian character defects of the Lord.

With even the most modest streak of good luck, Barack reasoned that a place on Mt. Rushmore was his for the taking---another justifiable intrusion into the racist world of bigots and white presidents!

Obama’s fanciful vision was validated and made viable by a brain-dead, mainstream media, a gaggle of left-wing lunatics that saw in Obama all the essentials for effective governance (of sheep)---he was black and to the left of Karl Marx in terms of ideological persuasion.

He was against all wars especially those waged by evil western capitalists; bitterly rebuffed claims of American Exceptionalism; favored wholesale redistribution of wealth from the haves to the have-nots, based not on meeting the needs of the needy, but rather on punishing the haves for the audacity of success; was a stealth advocate for Islam and a devoted Jew hater secretly committed to helping the Mullahs of Iran relocate the nation of Israel to the floor of the Mediterranean sea; and was a fierce foe of the US Constitution and even the hint of the rule of law.

With that quirky, anti-American resume, of course Barack was a rock star with the leftist media and the Democrat Party.

Once he had captured the Oval Office with the aid of ACORN, illegal aliens, a clueless Republican Party, and ten of millions of “stupid” voters, Barack immediately rolled up his sleeves and went to work—on his legacy!

After the Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to Barack for his fearless pursuit of world peace during his seven days in office, The One was on his way!

Next he pursued shutting down GITMO as a show of good faith to Islamofascists all across the globe, reinforced by a speech in Cairo which debunked the silly notion that America was a Christian nation!

A trillion dollar fraud, called a “Stimulus”, was passed by a Marxist-friendly Congress. Unfortunately, the only Stimulus was to the burgeoning federal deficit! Shovel ready jobs were supposed to result, but failed to live up to the Obama hype.

Against the advice of top professionals, he vacated the battered state of Iraq and left the cradle of civilization to be consumed by hungry 7th-century savages known as ISIS; he pushed the Marxist health care disaster known as ObamaCare with the assistance of MIT sleaze ball, Jonathan Gruber; and he totally pulverized the concept of American Exceptionalism with a series of foreign policy gaffes and wrong-minded failures that will tarnish the American brand in perpetuity!

Finally, in 2014, the media and the public started to acknowledge the nightmare that had been created in the ill-begotten 44th president! Barack’s approval ratings started to fall precipitously as the Fraud of Obama became well known in and out of the Jungle of Washington, D.C.

It finally got so bad that even Democrats facing reelection started to rebuff the beleaguered lefty!

People who had previously stood in long lines just to be photographed with The One, were suddenly afraid to be seen on the same stage with this pernicious scoundrel and congenital liar.

MUTINY ON STEROIDS had replaced “Hope and Change” as the American people and the Democrat Party came to grips with the most cataclysmic failure in the history of American politics.

And so it was that the 2014 mid-term elections were, at Barack’s foolish urging, a referendum on his policies and practices that had been six years in the making.

Finally, the “stupidity” moniker that Gruber and Obama counted on to inflict ObamaCare on America, came crashing down on The One and his MIT lap dog.

With teeth showing and claws at the ready, we the people headed to the polls to avenge the abuses of six brutal tyranny-filled seasons!

And avenge we did…taking down Democrats in both houses of Congress and in governor’s mansions from sea to shining sea.

America was on its way back from the morass and abuse of the commie Community Organizer!

After all the votes were counted, America anxiously awaited the next actions by the humiliated president.

Would he accede to the will of the people, expressed so clearly on November 4?

Or would he ignore the people and continue down the path to destruction?

In quick order, Barack Obama demonstrated that he does not give a tinker’s dam about America, the American people, or our Democratic republic.

The tears shed by defeated Democrats had barely ceased  flowing when Barack resumed his war on America with an illegal and unconstitutional decree which sought to make mush out of our borders and immigration laws.

That action would serve to alert Americans to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has decided to abandon his fantasy of being a noble and memorable icon in American history.

Clearly, this disturbed man is undergoing a severe “Middle Age Crisis,” and is now intent on being remembered as a martyr.

Forget Mt. Rushmore---there is no place there for losers like Barack Obama!