Let the Squealing Begin!

By John W. Lillpop

Once the high-fives and lusty cheering subsides, Republicans will face the arduous chore of actually governing the nation with the best interests of we the people in mind.

After the partisan speeches and gutter-language attacks on opponents have ended, it will be time to roll up the sleeves, and get down to the business of taking America back.

One of Barack Obama’s greatest flaws was his inability to transition from campaign to govern mode—he naively believed that governance was mostly about delivering high-sounding speeches loaded with denials, blame, and excuses.

And if a few hundred thousand dollars could be gathered for the Democrats’ coffers at the same time, all the better.

But American politics has evolved from the age of false Hope and Change to the Joni Ernest era--, more properly known as the make them squeal era!

With majority rule in both chambers of Congress, Republicans have the opportunity to spread the “squealing” in areas of vital interest to real Americans.

“Squeal” moments should include the following issues:

( )Secure the borders with Mexico and torpedo any unconstitutional Executive Amnesty that the president may try to impose;

( )Wage an honest and aggressive war against the Islamic State with the stated goal of defeating Jihad warriors;

( )Help American business attack the lack of decent-paying jobs NOT by increasing the minimum wage or other government interference; rather, bring prosperity back by
getting government and its prosperity-killing taxes and regulations off the back off the middle class and business;

( )Allow America to fully develop all energy resources at our disposal so that the nation can end reliance of foreign energy and become the energy providing giant that we can with government out of the way;

( )Repeal, revise, and/or revamp the insidious Obamacare nightmare into a market-driven health care system with the potential to meet the needs of the American people;

( )Cut federal spending rather than increasing the debt limit; start by drastically cutting food stamp and welfare give aways;

( )Restore the military readiness to the pre-Obama levels;

( )Stop Iran from securing nuclear capability and support Israel in her battle to survive;

( )Facilitate racial stability by demanding that Barack Obama and Eric Holder stop race baiting tactics

In other words, when Congress reconvenes in the new year, “Let the squealing begin!”