Executive Orders Next GOP President MUST Decree!

By John W. Lillpop

Assuming that America does not decay into a progressive fairyland (Utopia) AND that, despite Nancy Pelosi’s dire warnings, modern civilization survives Republican control of Congress, AND that the number of dead, illegal alien, and convicted felon voters casting ballots for Democrats is kept to an absolute minimum, it is still statistically possible for a quasi-conservative GOP candidate to be elected to the US presidency.

In the unlikely event of such an serendipitous upset, the elected Republican would have a moral and political obligation to immediately use the precedent established by Barack Obama to “right” the US ship of state, and reverse the flatulence surrounding Obama’s ghastly “fundamental transformation” of America.

Among the more pressing issues requiring Executive Orders by a GOP president:

1. Repeal ObamaCare

The newly elected president could effectively kill Obamcare by ordering federal agencies to cease implementation.

Thus, IRS would stop fining citizens for failing to purchase ObamaCare; Health and Human Resources would disable their computers to prevent new enrollments and to cut off all federal subsidies; and all lawyers working to defend ObamaCare in court would be fired.

2. End Climate Change Hysteria

Progressive zealots have adopted climate change as the latest “cash cow” to fund crazy liberal programs that bring only fraud and waste to the American people.

The GOP president would issue an Executive Order to eliminate the EPA and all other agencies that waste government resources on the non-existent climate change crisis.

3. Flat Tax

The existing tax code is unfair, arbitrary, discriminatory, and in need of immediate reform. Rather than focusing on income inequality as Marxists in the Obama administration are wont to do, the new GOP president would redirect the Treasury Department and IRS to completely eliminate the current system in which 94% of the taxes collected by government are from just one percent of the citizenry.

Far too many pay little or no taxes, but generally are the same people who free load on the backs of taxpayers for normal living expenses!

This travesty must be reversed by the GOP president who would issue an Executive Order to establish a Flat Tax, which would more fairly allocate tax liabilities and cap the top tax rate at 15 percent of adjusted income.

4. Honoring the Sanctity of Life: End Abortions

One of the most egregious sins of liberalism is the blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life and the sanctioning of abortions.

The GOP president would issue an Executive Order to eliminate funding to terrorist groups like Planned Parenthood and others dedicated to murdering the innocent unborn.
The Justice Department would be ordered to investigate and prosecute individuals engaged in performing abortions. Those convicted would be subject to the death penalty, or life in prison.  

The measures described above would be accomplished within 30 days of the swearing-in of the GOP president.

Other travesties produced by reckless progressives would be the subject of additional Executive Orders as needed to return America to the “right” path of conservative ideals.