Marco Rubio: Just Another Reckless Hispanic Racist!

By John W. Lillpop

For all his charisma and alleged charm, Republican Marco Rubio has one awfully grotesque character flaw: The man is a dedicated Hispanic racist.

How else to characterize a man who believes that people of his race should be exempt from the existing laws and borders which exist to assure US sovereignty and the safety and security of American citizens?

Other than their ethnicity, Senator Rubio, what exactly makes Hispanics/Latinos worthy of amnesty and special consideration? Why should they be above the law?

Why should they not be rounded up and deported, ASAP?

The US government claims there are 11 million illegal aliens squatting in the shadows, most of whom are Latino.

Good heavens, there are more than 11 million in Los Angeles, alone, Senator!

Truth is, the Obama administration is low-balling the number to keep the public from revolting—the real number is closer to 20 million, or more, non-English speaking moochers here illegally!

All clamoring for freedom, liberty, and the American way, Senator?

Or, more honestly, here for the food stamps, welfare, free health care, free education and the sanctuary provided by brain-dead politicians who have zero respect for American law, language and culture?

For the sake of argument, pretend for a moment that Obama is correct about the numbers. Even as unlikely as that may be, 11 million is still a huge number of unwelcome interlopers!

The population in some states and even some nations is less than 11 million!

Think: What other nation on the planet would allow 11 million foreigners who do not speak the language, and who are mostly uneducated and unskilled, to invade its borders and violate its laws while costing citizen taxpayers more than $100 billion per year?

And other than the US,  what nation would be stupid enough to reward the interlopers with pain-free citizenship through amnesty?

Answer: None!

For instance, what would happen if 11 million wandering Latinos from south of its borders descended upon the failed state of Mexico?

How long would it take for the corrupt Mexican government and its allied drug cartels to institute a fix, a solution where amnesty would not even be considered?

The fact is, America owes NOTHING to the millions of plundering invaders who came here illegally and whom have no legal or spiritual basis for being here.

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants!

But America was made great by those who followed the law, waited their turn in line, and took advantage of the opportunities offered here by learning English and assimilating!

Jumping a fence and racing to public assistance centers while refusing to learn English is just not the same, Senator!

To those millions forced to hide in the shadows, if the Statue of Liberty could speak, the grand lady might say:

Sorry about the “shadows” amigos, but you do have the option of getting your ass in gear, pointed in a southerly direction, and going home to escape those awful shadows!

Shadows are not mandatory—you are free to get the hell out and end your unlawful occupation  and not-so-petty larceny at any time!
 Why should America reward people for breaking our laws and ignoring our borders while we tell millions of others (many well educated and respectable) that they must wait in line and follow the law?

What is it about the Latino that entitles him or her to ignore the law? Where is the sense of fair play and justice in the Hispanic mind set?

Again, Senator Rubio: Other than ethnic origin, what is it that you find so compelling about illegal aliens?