Obama’s “Fairness” Canard

By John W. Lillpop

When objective, reasoned thought will not support one of his radical Marxist schemes, Barack Obama is not the least bit hesitant about reaching deep into his bag of dirty tricks to retrieve an appropriate subterfuge that will divide Americans and advance his agenda.

In the 2012 election, Obama played the “class warfare card” masterfully, using “wealth profiling” to portray Republicans as the party which represents the rich and powerful, maggots who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of the vanquished working poor and their children.

According to Barack, it’s all about “fairness,” the progressive definition of which is “You have more than me, and so the only fair thing to do is to have government take from you and give to me!”

Ability, effort, resolve, and determination notwithstanding, fairness demands that the government discriminate against the successful and prosperous in favor of the less talented, less driven, and less creative.

Absent from this sanctimonious double talk is any discussion of why folks who already pay a huge percentage of the total taxes collected by the government should be forced to pay even more, simply because they have it.

Where is the fairness in that, Mr. President?

Conversely, why do those who benefit the most from government welfare programs pay little or no taxes?

Fairness, indeed!

Obama’s latest Marxist ploy involves the heady subject of immigration reform, which Obama and the left promotes as a basic question of --fairness.

According to Obama, 20 million or so illegal aliens who have invaded America in defiance of our borders and immigration laws deserve amnesty and should be allowed to join society as though they had been subjected to the rigorous financial, criminal, and medical background checks which legal immigrants are required to pass.

Where is the fairness for millions of would-be immigrants who are forced to wait their turn in line, rather than stealing their way in?

Why are those who abide by the law and play by the rules rejected in favor of those who break and enter?

Fairness? Phooey!