Inconvenient Truth: Obama ‘Skirting’ Issue of Diversity!

By John W. Lillpop

Remember when the liberal media sought to destroy Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for referring to “Binders of women” during the 2012 election? When, in fact, Romney had a sterling record of including women in his gubernatorial administration?

And remember how the media crafted a false “War on Women” narrative to discredit the Republican party for opposing tax-payer funded abortions and contraception?

Remember Sandra Fluke who spoke at the DNC in Charlotte to voice her indignation at being forced to “go it alone” in the funding of her sexual activities while in College?

Well now that the election has been settled (stolen!), the fellow who won the damn thing with overwhelming support from gullible women has decided to wage his own war on women by denying equal representation for females in the Obama cabinet.

Obama’s anti-skirting policy has gotten so outrageous that even left-wing dupes are taking notice and speaking out.

As reported at the reference, the less- than- honorable Charles Rangel (D-NY) issued a withering rejoinder about Obama’s anti-women chicanery:
"It's embarrassing as hell. You have to do these things because it's the right thing to do as a symbol of what America stands for."

Perhaps The One should borrow Nancy Pelosi’s photo shop software and simply create a more diverse cabinet on paper?  After all, photo shop appointments need not go through Senate confirmation and are less costly in these budget –strained times.

Why not make Pelosi your “Diversity by Technology” czar, Mr. President?  She is female you know!