Economy In Contraction, Unemployment Up, Consumer Confidence Down: Still 'Headed in Right Direction, ' Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

As with most leftists, Barack Obama is quite skilled at denying truth until denial is no longer palatable; at which point our disingenuous Marxist blames Republicans, the economic doldrums in Europe, the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, any and everything else, except for his sorry self and his failed policies.

Obama’s convoluted grasp of reality has survived the new year intact, as evidenced by this week’s news low-lights:

* The US economy contracted during the last quarter of 2012;

* Unemployment resumed its upward march again in January, and

* Consumer confidence plunged.

Obama’s reaction was predictable:  He immediately blamed the GOP for trying to impose responsible spending limits on the out-of-control administration, AND he disbanded the Jobs council which was touted as proof of his 24/7 concern for the unemployed.

Yes, that same jobs council which Obama abandoned for most of 2012!

So Mr. Obama, do you still stand by your goofy declaration that America is “headed in the right direction?”

If so, one must ask, “Direction to what, sir? Greece?"