Obama Got It ‘Backasswards’: Should Ban Invaders and Defend the Constitution!

By John W. Lillpop

\Once again our befuddled president has proven that he simply is not qualified for high office, based on his inability to execute the oath of office administered to him-- TWICE, for heavens sake, on January 20th!

Had he been paying attention as the oath was being administered, Obama would understand that it is his duty is to DEFEND the Constitution, not work 24/7 to circumvent and destroy that grand ‘old school’ work of art that has kept America’s experiment with self-governance alive and well for over 233 years.

Obama’s lack of comprehension may help explain why he has waged an all-out campaign AGAINST the 2nd Amendment, while at nearly the same time, DEFENDING foreign moochers against the rule of law, as in the case of illegal aliens.

That’s “backasswards, Barack!”

Stop what you are doing and immediately call a press conference and announce that, due to your liberal mental disorder, you need to issue two revised executive orders as follows:

1. Support for the proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform nonsense is hereby cancelled and Janet Napolitano is ordered to commence an aggressive and immediate removal of all illegal invaders from US territory, including all Obama aunts, uncles and other relatives squatting here illegally! No exceptions, and

2. The 23 ill-advised Executive Orders intended to usurp the 2nd Amendment are withdrawn in total. This president shall protect and defend the Constitution in accordance with the sworn oath which allowed him to resume occupancy of the Oval Office.

BASSAKWARDS—It’s a common malady of those who worship at the altar of liberal idiocy!

We need to correct it NOW!