Hillary’s Hysterical Breakdown Confirms Her Lack of Fitness for Higher Office!

By John W. Lillpop

During her emotional breakdown before the Congress last week, congenital liar and “Stand By Her Man” dupe Hillary Rodham Clinton exposed just how unstable and incapable of handling stress she really is.

The occasion was the very important and appropriate investigation of the slaughter of four American diplomats at Benghazi, Libya last September 11. Despite the claims of Clinton apologists, including that sawed-off little runt from California, the despicable “Don’t call me madam” leftist Barbara Boxer, the inquiry was NOT a witch hunt—although if it were, who better to interrogate than the Hildabeast?

Keep in mind, all Hillary had to do was to HONESTYLY  answer a few questions posed by Senators and Representatives working to understand how in the hell an American embassy could be so ill-prepared on the anniversary of September 11?

And why more was not done to support the American diplomats, including additional security protection?  And why was the American pubic mislead and lied to by Susan Rice and other Obama administration officials for weeks after the terrorist assault?

All of this just weeks before a presidential election in which Barack Obama was trying to sell his alleged “decimation” of Al-Quaeda as proof of his foreign policy savvy?

Why was the Hildabeast so unraveled by the questions?  Or was she spooked at being “Under Oath” and subject to perjury---if her testimony was clouded by lies?

Whatever the driver, the fact is that Hillary exploded in an emotional outburst of the sort one would expect from a high-school girl being asked to explain her contraception and abortion habits by a skeptical parent.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?, she exclaimed as if to say, Obama won the damn election, so get over it and let the Benghazi diplomats rest in peace!

Anyone foolish enough to even consider Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate for the presidency in 2016 should remember her testimony as the words of a hysterical woman totally unfit for higher office!