Zero Dark Thirty: A Rare “Hooray for Hollywood” Movie?

By John W. Lillpop

It was with grave misgivings and trepidation that this conservative shelled out $10.00 to view “Zero Dark Thirty,” the recently-released flick about events leading to identification of Osama bin Laden’s hide away in Pakistan, culminating with the US Navy Seal raid which ended OBL’s very life and reign of terror, all in one magical evening in May of 2011.

My initial queasiness was rooted in concern (well founded, I believe) that the film would be a leftist hit piece designed to blame George W. Bush AND America for 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan, while bestowing undeserved credit on the naïve head of Barack Obama for bin Laden’s long overdue demise.

Surprise and delight rendered my cynicism null and void inasmuch as:

1. Water boarding and other harsh interrogation methods employed by the Bush administration were shown as tools which provided the intelligence that ultimately enabled the CIA and US military to vanquish the mass murderer, and which saved American lives;

2. The words ‘Barack Obama’ were not uttered in the film. Rather all references to the Commander-in-Chief were to “The president.” Likewise there were no gaudy depictions of Obama spiking the football or otherwise reaping political hay off the valor and courage of our brave Navy Seals;

3. The notion that “Good Men With Guns” can vanquish “bad men” was reinforced, as was the notion, that in and of themselves, guns are not inherently evil.

A ‘Teaching Moment’ looms for the film industry: Omit the Leftist propaganda and anti-American demonizing of Republicans and the Constitution and, behold!, a “Hooray for Hollywood” film may just be possible!

Zero Dark Thirty: A Don’t Miss! flick!