Obama's 23 Articles of Impeachment!

By John W. Lillpop

In an unprecedented display of sanctimonious hypocrisy smothered in unseemly arrogance, President Barack Obama slithered even lower in his revenge campaign to gut the 2nd Amendment and disarm the law-abiding citizenry of the United States.

Most appalling, at least to this conservative, was Obama’s swollen-ego admonition that members of Congress forsake the NRA in order to do the “right thing.”

The obvious implication being that those who cherish and defend the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution are unwashed swine more concerned with raking in cash and votes from an evil constituency than defending young children from murderous assaults like the Newtown massacre.

He said, in part:

“---members of Congress should be more concerned about the safety of children heading off to school in the morning than about securing an A-rating from the NRA.” See reference.

One wonders if Obama has discussed this with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats who belong to the NRA and oppose new laws meant as window-dressing only, but which will not work?

With no future elections to personally fret about, Obama has taken the courageous (?)step of challenging Democrats and Republicans alike to ‘cast their fate to the wind,’ by supporting Obama’s unconstitutional assault on gun rights.

Mind you, Obama has not always been so magnanimous and quick to put principle before politics.

For example, one of the most contentious issues with respect to health care reform was the need to contain costs, particularly outrageous costs added to the mix by greedy tort attorneys more concerned with personal cash flow than with meeting the health needs of the American public.

Clearly, with health care costs totally out of control, tort reform should have been a major emphasis of ObamaCare.

Yet, Obama and the Democrats refused to even consider it because of the massive political and economic support delivered to Democrats by greedy attorneys!

Once again, this president’s promise of “Hope and Change” has evolved into “more of the same” when it comes to corruption and integrity!

The president will probably fail in his attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment. One can only hope and pray for such a result.

Obama should be forced to answer the following question with respect to his 23 Executive Orders which are, individually and collectively, candidates for Articles of Impeachment:

Would the Obama 23 have prevented, or delayed, the outrageous, illegal misuse of weapons by the Obama administration and delivery of same to Mexican drug cartels in the hideous scandal known as “Fast and Furious”?

Would the Obama 23 have prevented the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who was slaughtered by illegal aliens armed with booty from the Fast and Furious outrage?

Or are the lives of older white males working to secure America from invasion irrelevant to our addled president?