U.S. House Should Repeal Social Security Along with ObamaCare!

By John W. Lillpop

To the best of my recollection, I never agreed to purchase retirement insurance, AKA, Social Security.

Rather, it was mandated by a fascist government that I purchase it. My wishes were irrelevant.

Even more tyrannical, the premiums have been taken directly from my check and sent to some nameless, faceless bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. who does only-God- knows- what with the money.

Even more distressing, this retirement account, like all adventures promoted by Progressives, is a Ponzi scheme that has no hope of remaining solvent, or meeting the needs of those forced to buy.

The government decides unilaterally what the monthly premiums will be; there is no open competition. The government also determines, on its own, the amount of pay out—they call it AWARD amount—that the victim is eligible to receive after paying into the black box for 50 years or so.

This outrage is even more maddening because the government may decide to delay the date on which I begin to receive back from the monies I have involuntarily poured into the pathetic system for all these many decades.

In turn, the Social Security scam has spawned the Medicare Ponzi Scheme which, although it is not required, is another non-sustainable program administered by dim wits too stupid to survive in the real world. Soon Medicare will run out of money leaving tens of millions of baby boomers in the lurch.

The Democrat Party’s exclusive ownership of entitlements was broken when President George W. Bush signed the Medicare Part D prescription scheme which added trillions to the future obligations of Americans decades away from being born.

Thanks for exactly nada, W.!

W.’s misstep was followed by the ObamaCare debacle which will dump trillions of additional debt on the backs of those who will be born in 2040 or 2050.

What to do in the interests of the class of 2075?

Well, Mr. Boehner and Tea Party activists, why not the Mother of all repeals to ring in the New Year?

One omnibus repeal bill to wipe out Social Security, Medicare, the Part D prescription drug insanity, and the idiocy called ObamaCare?

Repeal the whole damn lot—do it for the children!