Senators Schumer and Coburn to Sit Together at SOU? This Must Not Happen!

By John W. Lillpop

In a mindless piece of political theater, several elected officials, bitter adversaries in real life, have agreed to sit together for the State of the Union to demonstrate a new era of civility and cooperation among Democrats and Republicans.

Bull feathers!

The idea is irrational, ungodly, abnormal, immoral, and very likely unconstitutional! The very notion that asses and elephants can co-exist in a political setting without rancor and vulgar demagoguery is an affront to the principles on which this nation was founded.

Democrats and Republicans are SUPPOSED to disagree on everything of importance. Any attempt to undercut that built-in hostility must be regarded as subversive to our democracy, and probably Communist in origin.

One of the most revolting examples of the nicey-nicey pandemic that threatens the very survival of our democracy is the announced accord between left-wing nut ball Charles Schumer, Democrat Senator from New York, and conservative icon Tom Coburn, the great Senator from Oklahoma!

God Bless Tom Coburn for his opposition to ObamaCare and outrageous deficit spending! This good man deserves a far better fate than sitting next to an obnoxious Marxist from New York.

In fact, rather than seating these two opposites together, why not have them duel it out—with real swords and gallantry!—for the right to sit in the front row.

Senator Schumer is a well-known coward so the match should go to the far more rational and disciplined Coburn.


The next most outrageous pairing involves Eric Cantor, GOP Representative and developing superstar from Virginia. It has been reported that Rep. Cantor has invited Rep. Nancy Pelosi, moon bat Democrat from San Francisco and deposed Speaker of the House, to his box for the Obama teleprompter reading.

Can you imagine anyone outside of Moscow actually volunteering to sit next to Pelosi? Egad, Eric, have you lost your bloody mind?

Because of the male -versus -female -inequity, an all out duel to the end between Cantor and Pelosi might be problematic. Any other procedure (kidnapping, etc.) that will keep Pelosi out of the building for the length of the SOU will do, thank you.

Nicey-nicey between Democrats and Republicans? The Founding Fathers would NOT be amused!