Dodging Unthinkable Horror on January 5

By John W. Lillpop

From January 4, 2007 through January 4, 2011, Nancy Pelosi “served” as Speaker of the House of Representatives, a position which, by law, placed her right behind the vice president in the line of succession to the U.S. presidency.

Had grave misfortune or a deliberate act of malice snuffed out the Bush-Cheney or Obama-Biden team, Nancy Pelosi would have moved into the Oval Office and assumed the bully pulpit of the most powerful person on the planet.

To those who blanch at the mere thought of a Sarah Palin Presidency, a far worse calamity would have ensued had the presidency fallen into the hands of that incompetent Marxist from San Francisco.

Imagine Nancy Pelosi as Commander-in-Chief over the brave young men and women serving in harm’s way in wars that Pelosi would, if she could, refuse to fund. Wars fought against enemies that Pelosi would surrender to, given the chance?

Imagine President Pelosi confronting the massive federal deficit and out-of-control spending with even more spending and greater deficits. Is there a more frightening prospect?

Imagine President Pelosi on the issue of taxes. No doubt she would use the tax code to punish the successful and prosperous by redistributing their wealth to the mediocre, untalented, slovenly, and unmotivated. And to illegal aliens.

Imagine President Pelosi on the issue of illegal aliens. Pelosi it will be recalled is on record as stating that enforcement of the law through deportation of illegal aliens is “un-American.” How long before another 20-40 million illegals would be allowed to invade the U.S.?

However, serendipity will out.

The horror of Nancy Pelosi will be replaced by common sense conservatives who love America and despise those who would willfully bring harm to this great nation.

Nancy Pelosi will NOT ascend to the Presidency, a fact for which all Americans should be most grateful.