Obama Thanks Sheriff Dupnik: Really? For What?

By John W. Lillpop

Speculation that President Obama has forsaken his partisan extremism in favor of a kinder, gentler Marxist was shattered to smithereens this week when The One went out of his way to confer a completely undeserved presidential thank you on Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

Dupnik is the left-wing wild man who poses as sheriff of Pima County, but who actually works for the DNC and other unsavory, anti-American insurgency groups in the Grand Canyon state.

As widely reported throughout the media, Obama spoke with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik on the phone, and thanked the sheriff.

Pray tell, for what, Mr. President?

For violating the independence and objectivity that those in law enforcement are sworn to uphold?

Or was Obama thanking Dupnik for lambasting the president’s nemesis, El Rushbo?

If so, that is a bloody shame. After all, one had hoped that Obama had made progress in recovering from Lambaughphobia, that vexing neurosis that afflicts extreme liberals.

Or perhaps The One was thanking the clueless sheriff for opposing Arizona’s SB 1070, even refusing to enforce it?

Whatever caused Obama to thank the renegade Dupnik, the unjustified thank you is just the latest in a sequence of goofy acts that have Obama’s approval ratings mired in the 40s and declining!