Thinking Like a Liberal: Tucson Was Conspiracy to Block Repeal of ObamaCare!

By John W. Lillpop

Keeping up with the sharp, rapid decline in cognitive facilities among leftists in the media and Congress is a formidable challenge, not for those with queasy stomachs.

In fact, if one were to think like a liberal ever so briefly, one could imagine that the awful events of Saturday morning were a deliberate, well-orchestrated effort on the part of liberals to shut down the Republican repeal of ObamaCare in the U.S. House.

After all, Speaker John Bohener has been quite forthright in announcing the schedule for the repeal vote, which was scheduled for January 14.

Perhaps we need a new law to block public disclosure about pending votes in Congress, so as to keep crazy leftists like Jared Loughner from staging killing sprees?

Sadly, even Republican Peter King has jumped on the “think like a liberal” nut train by proposing that it be a crime to be armed within a thousand feet of any government officials.


Does anyone really believe that such a law have stopped the crazed Loughner from trying to kill Rep. Giffords?

By the way, murder and attempted murder are both against the law, even in Arizona, right?

Perhaps Loughner was just too tripped out on weed to remember the consequences that one will most likely face for shooting 12 people, including government official Rep. Giffords?

Of course Loughner has had a lot on his diseased brain lately.

Which may help to explain why, if Sarah Palin was indeed the culprit behind Loughner’s insanity, he waited until AFTER Giffords was reelected to act.

After all, a good soldier in the Palin Reload Army would surely have understood that the Palin mission was all about PREVENTING Giffords from being reelected!

Perhaps the next time a leftist retard in search of fame crawls out from under his Marijuana-infested rock long enough to make a difference, he will be inspired by the likes of Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and other alleged “journalists” who have put Sarah Palin in the cross- hairs since Saturday.

Maybe Schultz, Matthews, and Olbermann will inspire the next Jared Loughner to go directly after Sarah Palin?

Which leads to the big question: Would the assassination of Sarah Palin satisfy the liberal lust for conservative blood?