Obama's Bay of Pigs

By John W. Lillpop

Several months after assuming power in 1961, President John F. Kennedy authorized the invasion of southwest Cuba by U.S. trained-immigrants exiled from Cuba. The idea was to overturn the communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro.

Ultimately, the operation was a miserable failure and was appropriately named the Bay of Pigs by proponents and opponents alike.

50 years later, America has a president who claims to be the heir apparent to the Kennedy legacy, including Camelot.

As such, Camelot Light, AKA, President Obama, has tried desperately to follow in the foot steps of JFK.

Unfortunately, Team Obama got its wires crossed. Instead of attacking Cuba, for example, Camelot Light attacked the U.S. military by ordering the watering hole for terrorists and terrorists in training at GITMO to be closed.

Not the same as JFK's focus, but it does involve Cuba!

Thanks to Camelot Light, anxious Americans should be able to sleep more securely knowing that terrorists will eventually be entitled to the same presumption of innocence conferred upon native born citizens, folks who rarely slice another person's throat from ear to ear because of religious preferences.

But President Obama's greatest Bay of Pigs moment, thus far, appears to be his collaboration with fellow liberals in the U.S. House and Senate on the outrageous stimulus farce, a $1 trillion dollar rip off..

As someone once famously said, "If it Looks Like a Pig, Squeals like a Pig, and Smells like a Pig, Then it probably IS a Pig!"

Democrats served up a real stinker of a pig, this one wallowing in red ink. No exceptions for those who observe Kosher or other dietary constraints.

Apparently, the idea was to bankrupt several future generations of Americans in one fell swoop, thereby installing socialism as the permanent replacement for free market capitalism.

It is all part of Obama's spread the weealth scheme.

Unfortunately, the stimulus package that Obama signed is spreading poverty from sea to shining sea.

Which is fine with Democrats, because impoverished people always vote Democratic. Why not increase the liberal base by doing what liberals do best: Spend foolishly and waste taxpayer money on failed liberal concepts?

After all, bleeding head liberals can always blame former President George W. Bush--for at least two more generations, or until the economy recovers.