Obama’s “Freeze” Ignores Cold, Harsh Reality

By John W. Lillpop

Given the state of America’s financial house, i.e.., soaring federal deficits, out-of-control spending, massive entitlements for which funding does not exist, and on and on, President Obama’s proposed spending “freeze” for five years is but a mockery at best, a vile disregard for reality at worse.

By the way, Barack Obama’s contract expires in 2012, and there is ample reason to believe that the American people will elect NOT to renew.

That being the case, why in the hell is Barack Obama proposing anything that fails to term out in November 2012?

More of that indefatigable arrogance and insolence, Mr. President?

But back to the proposed “freeze.”

An analogy to the brutal world of weight loss should provide a perfect example of why President Obama’s freeze idea is on very thin ice:

Take a 5’10” tall, 650-pound man, fifty years of age with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol, who smokes two packs of unfiltered Camel cigarettes a day and whose only activity is coughing and wheezing.

That man’s dance with death is roughly equivalent to what Obama and his Marxist pals in Congress have done to America’s finances. Not a pretty sight!

That man, for whom the grim reaper is ready to stake an immediate claim, decides to CHANGE by reforming his ways.

Thus, he decides to “freeze” his caloric intake at 7,000 per day, about what it takes to sustain a 650-pound body. In addition, because exercise is so time-consuming and inconvenient, our subject decides to continue his exercise regime—which is 0 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Based on this “freeze” scenario, our friend will be dead, or damn close to it, in five years.

And so it is with President Obama’s hair-brained spending freeze. Should Republicans be foolish enough to let Obama get away with this scam, in five years America will be in, or on the edge of, financial insolvency.

Which will be a huge problem for President Romney, or President Palin, or whom ever the nation installs to replace Barack Obama in 2012.

An urgent appeal to the GOP is warranted: Do not be fooled by Obama’s snake oil. The man simply does not understand, or refuses to understand, the simple arithmetic of responsible budgeting. Never been there, never done that!

The watch word for the next two years must be CUT, CUT, and CUT some more to save America.

Remember, GOP, we are counting on you to return at least a semblance of financial sanity to our once great nation!