The Next Frontier of Class Warfare: Income Equality

By John W. Lillpop

As vulnerable Democrats scramble for cover from the travails of Obamacare in an election year, Marxist elitists running the party are in a desperate rush to create a palatable “wedge” issue which can divert media and public attention from Obama’s human experiment gone awry, while further dividing the American people along racial, social class, income, and age distinctions.

Alas, the Wizards of class warfare, under the tutelage and evil guidance of Barack Obama, appear to have settled on an issue calculated to pit American against American with a vengeance not seen since the Civil War.

The issue: Income Equality, the curious, distinctly anti-American notion that government has a moral responsibility and constitutional authority to monitor income distribution, AND to “level the playing field” by imposing government regulations and monetary policies which will foster the greatest electoral advantage for the Democrat Party.

Less honorable and less transparent than voter fraud, exploitation of income equality is likely to become the most sinister abuse of government power since America’s best-in-the-world health-care was hijacked through the use of fraud and legislative sleight of hand, in the dead of night, by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi in 2009.

Without effective opposition from Congressional Republicans, an almost certainty, mandating income equality will cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars in worthless government programs, while simultaneously destroying the spirit of free enterprise which has made possible the greatest economic prosperity in human history.

Although the prospects for formidable Republican opposition to the folly of income inequality are remote, patriots in the Tea Party and other conservative institutions can, and must, frame the debate by demanding that liberal politicians like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the Clintons rearrange their personal affairs to reflect a genuine commitment to the issue.

Among other things, any liberal politician in favor of wealth redistribution should be required to adhere to a Comprehensive Plan, including but not limited, to:

( )Total net worth for any bleeding heart Democrat shall not exceed $100,000 per household, including real estate and other assets;

( )Income shall not exceed $50,000 per year per combined household;

( )All Children of liberal politicians shall be forced to attend public schools, rather than pricey private institutions which create inequality of ability, which leads to income imbalance;

( )Liberal politicians shall not be eligible for income tax exemptions and credits meant for the middle class such as dependents, real estate and mortgage interest expenses.

Learning from the Obamacare debacle, it should be clear that requiring liberals to commit to eradication of income inequality in their personal affairs offers the only real hope for limiting the devastation of yet another progressive disaster.