Obama’s Depressing SOU Message: You Can’t Build that!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama has not only made the American Dream less attainable, the community organizer from the alleys of Chicago has gone the extra mile by making the American Dream off limits to ordinary citizens.

By peddling cradle-to-grave government interference in the lives and ambitions of we the people, Obama’s not so subtle message is:

You are too weak, incompetent, and stupid to build that!  

Your only hope for success is to turn your sorry, low-IQ selves over to big brother (Me) who will make all important decisions for you and whom will support you with a lifetime of health-care subsidies, food stamps, welfare and disability benefits, and Executive Orders as needed to level the playing field when it comes to income, racial, and social equality.

All I ask of you in return is that you provide unstinted loyalty to anti-capitalism radicalism, and a lifetime of uninterrupted votes for Democrat politicians, that is, those whom have received my endorsement.

In short, brothers and sisters, you simply CAN’T BUILD THAT!, because you lack the education, intelligence, ambition, and tenacity to do anything but accept the goods and services that government secures from racist rich folks on your behalf.  

Thank God, or whomever you choose, for the blessings of Serendipity which are brought to you by Marxist government.

To those ‘old school’ folks who feel quaint guilt about being dependent on government, never forget America’s history of slavery, Jim Crow laws, hangings, wanton discrimination, and other abuses inflicted upon the meek by the rich and powerful.

Celebrate, therefore, your liberation from the shackles of capitalism and commit yourself to the wonderful progressive ideology that will set you free and guarantee your eternal happiness!