Dr. King: “I have a Dream”, Barack Obama: “I have a Drone!”

By John W. Lillpop

Reverend Jeremiah Wright may be an anti-American racist and first-class heel; however, there ARE redeeming qualities for which the Reverend can be most proud.

For one, he sides with the majority of Americans who feel utter contempt for Barack Hussein Obama,  America’s out-of-order, Clueless president.

As reported, Reverend Wright compared the iconic legacy of Martin Luther King, whose birthday will be celebrated nationally on January 22, to the evil record of Barack.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s ongoing public feud with President Barack Obama is apparently still going strong six years after the then-presidential candidate distanced himself from his former pastor over his inflammatory remarks.

Wright has since disparaged the president numerous times in public, mostly recently while appearing at a Chicago Teachers Union event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. on Wednesday.

“We need to teach the truth about our politicians, from Bush to Barack. Because very clearly it is not about the person, it is about the policies of this government,” Wright reportedly said. “King said, ‘I have a dream.’ Barack said, ‘I have a drone.’”

President Obama’s use of drone strikes to combat terrorism has been a divisive issue throughout his presidency.
Bravo, Reverend Wright!