GOP Leaders: Why The Mindless Rush to Surrender to Illegal Aliens?

By John W. Lillpop

Recent polling suggests that the GOP, despite its obvious flaws and god-forsaken likeness to Democrat Party loons, has a better than even chance of denying Nancy Pelosi’s lust for another destructive term as Speaker of the US House, and a fair to good chance of sending old Harry Reid to the back benches of the US Senate!

Imagine the glory: Republicans in control of both chambers of Congress and Barack Obama permanently fitted for the Lame Duck status which he so richly deserves!

So just why are John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor in such a big hurry to join hands with Obama in jumping off the political cliff in pursuit of illegal aliens?

A new US Senate, under the Leadership of, say, Ted Cruz, could have a public burning of the wretched immigration reform monster passed by the Senate in 2013.

That’s right, burn, baby, burn in honor of American borders, language, and culture. Let the nation of Mexico and the 30-40 illegal aliens squatting here know of a certainty that illegals are not welcome and must get the hell out—or be removed forcibly.

In a few as ten months, common sense and patriotism could stage a major comeback in the halls of Congress; thereby ending the insanity of voluntarily reducing America to a third-world toilet akin to our goofy neighbors to the south!

Let’s think in terms of national sovereignty, secure borders, English as the national language, and traditional American values as treasured attributes not to be trifled with by Spanish-speaking banditos not worthy of American citizenship.

Again, with the Control of Congress seemingly headed in a more conservative direction, why are some GOP leaders intent on surrendering our precious heritage and culture to banditos?