Divide California Into Six States? Why Not Just Deport Illegal Aliens?

By John W. Lillpop

California is, and has been, ungovernable, especially when leftists like Jerry Brown seize power.  The once Golden State has been transformed into a Brown nightmare, courtesy of the Obama-like governor, Moon beam Jerry Brown, and tens of millions of illegal aliens, mostly third-world outcasts from Mexico and further south.

Nearly everyone, except for Brown and his minions, admits California is an active cesspool which no longer controls, or even attempts to control, its population, borders, spending, education system, or fiscal policies.

To many economic scholars, California is the “Detroit” of the west, abounding with dire predictions for a multi-cultured, bilingual hodgepodge of nothingness akin to that found in Oakland, only much worse.

However, there are those who believe that California can be managed by dividing the state into six independent states.

As reported:

Boards of supervisors in two California counties that abut Oregon — Modoc and Siskiyou — have approved measures in support of the Jefferson state declaration, and Tahoma County has agreed to place the question on the ballot. Alturas, the seat of Modoc County, is 306 miles by car — nearly five hours — from the state capital in Sacramento.

Officials say the problem is that state officials are out of touch with the needs of people outside the urban centers. Laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment may sound good in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but they have resulted in an economic death spiral for the resource-dependent northern rural counties, he said.

“This movement is just about people whose lives don’t work because they don’t have representation,” said one official. “They wonder why we’re called the ‘welfare counties.’ It’s because our economy is being strangled by government regulation.”

Interest in creating states has been on the rise, mainly in rural counties unhappy with legislative directives from far-off urban capitals. Similar 51st-state movements were launched last year in rural Colorado and Maryland.”

The fact that California is a sanctuary for illegal aliens does not help one damn bit.

In fact, illegal aliens can now be licensed to practice law in this progressive hell hole!

No one denies the fact that the movement to create six sovereign states would be hugely complex and costly.

With California already racing toward bankruptcy, there is scant little cash available for fixing the mess created by the ascension of liberalism on the Left Coast.

Therefore, why not mix common sense with existing laws and ship the 11-30 illegal invaders back to Mexico or other nation of origin and run the state like a business, rather than a not-for-profit candy store featuring FREE Latino delicacies?