Fresh off $4 Million, 17-Day Vacation, The One Preaches Income Inequality!

By John W. Lillpop

Taking utmost care to faithfully execute the First Holy Commandment of the Progressive movement, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” Barack Obama has unveiled his latest political ploy for survival, this time involving a hasty pivot from the hauntingly ugly news about Obamacare to the urgent need for a new government program for fending off the imminent destruction of the American Dream and the middle class by virtue of the growing divide between the haves (White Republicans) and the have nots(People of color Democrats).

In populist  liberal jargon, it’s called the war on income inequality, and its purpose is to make the American people forget about Obamacare and focus instead on the unfair, unjust, discriminatory advantages that the Haves enjoy over the Have Nots.

Its real purpose is to boost a failed president whom finds himself underwater when it comes to public approval AND to save America from a GOP takeover in November.

As reported:

Back from his $4 million Hawaii vacation, President Barack Obama seems poised to sound the populist trumpet in an effort to turn the page on 2013’s disastrous Obamacare rollout.

Many pundits are speculating that Obama, seeing the popularity of liberal populists like New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, will use the current debate over unemployment insurance to engage in more divisive rhetoric:

The Obama administration has set the stage for a push that could rekindle cries of class warfare — calling for renewed long-term unemployment benefits, a minimum wage increase and a campaign against what Democrats call “income inequality.”
Ahead of his multi-week, holiday vacation in Hawaii, President Obama pushed Congress to move forward on extending federal unemployment benefits that weren’t included in the budget deal Senate Democrats and House Republicans struck to fund the federal government for the next two years. The White House has scheduled an East Room event on Tuesday in which the president will appear with people who lost that insurance.
On Tuesday, that’s precisely what Obama did, trotting out unemployed people to push for another boost to unemployment benefits, and citing income inequality as the rationale.

One potential challenge for the President’s prospective populist push is his own family’s affluence. Despite the President’s public lowering of his own salary, the Obamas’ tax returns show a family whose incomes would routinely place them in the highest bracket, with lucrative income streams outside of the White House. Last year, however, the Obama family paid an effective tax rate of only 18 percent.”

To such criticisms, the White House responds that by vacationing in Hawaii, the White House actually saved taxpayers huge amounts of money that would have been required to heat 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had the Obamas not escaped to Waikiki for the holidays.

White House officials also point out that Obama’s personal wealth and black advantage provide him with a unique perspective in understanding the differences between the Haves and Have Nots; thus, endowing the president with a “Fair and Balanced” approach to redistributing Republican wealth to voting Democrats!

Finally, Obama is taking credit for leaving Michelle Obama in Hawaii as a gesture of goodwill and good faith—as he points out, the Obama daughters were forced to return to the frigid confines of Washington D.C. where they and millions of others will suffer through the erratic weather precipitated by GOP-sponsored climate change!