Grading Barack: The Wrath of F!

By John W. Lillpop

By any measure, the presidency of Barack Obama has been a tragic failure, a major set-back to the lofty notion of American Exceptionalism.

Suffice it to say, if America had been foolish enough to elect (and re-elect) Barack Obama earlier in our history, America would today be a fascist dictatorship operating under Sharia Law where the Rule of Law would not exist; where Congress would be outlawed; where all wealth would be the sole and separate property of the dictator state; where individual rights would be the butt of late-night comics; where income equality would mean poverty for all; where religious freedom would be limited to state-licensed “Barack Is The One” worship centers; where the state of Israel would be public enemy # 1 and Muslim nations would be the strongest US allies; where “illegal aliens” would be white southerners with the audacity to have been born on US soil; where controlling spending and the deficit would be considered terrorist acts perpetrated by racist white people to harm people of color.

Had Barack Obama been elected, say, 200 years earlier, in 1808, America would have lost the War of 1812, the US-Mexico war, the Civil war, World Wars, 1 and 11, the Korean War, and all subsequent skirmishes; the US military would be a haven for “girly” men where push ups would be considered ‘cruel and unusual punishment,’ and thus, outlawed; the national language would alternate between Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, and Arabic, and where truth and veracity would be seen as ‘old school’ foolishness.

The motto of the US Marines would be ‘Surrender Works: It May Save Your Life!,’ and where birds, dogs, cats, chickens, fish and all domesticated (partially or fully) would be covered under a universal Single Payer health care plan.

Simply put, if Barack had arrived on the America political scene earlier, there would be no America to worry about in 2014.

An objective assessment of specific areas of the Obama presidency through 2013 yields failing marks for the following:

Overall Direction of Nation:

Foreign Affairs:

Relations with Allies:

War on Terrorism:

Advocacy of Individual Rights:

Economic Growth, Stability:


Control of Borders, Illegals:

Deficit Reduction:

Ability to Work With Congress:


Adherence to Rule of Law:

Defense of Constitution,
& Bill of Rights:
Global Climate Policy:

US Energy Policy:

Moral Leadership:

War and Peace:

Women’s Issues:

Racial Relations:

Healthcare Legislation, Implementation:

Role Model for Youth:

Only when it comes to total devastation of the American spirit does Barack escape the wrath of F. In this regard, The One earns an “Incomplete!”

Let’s make sure he does NOT complete this item, shall we?