Why Did Obama Shut Down Government By Refusing to Delay Obamacare?

By John W. Lillpop

Recent revelations make Barack Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans over the government shutdown very puzzling and troubling.

For instance, if it is true that Obama was aware of the fact that, contrary to his repeated promises, some people would lose their insurance and be unable to keep preferred plans and doctors, why was he so adamant in refusing to negotiate a delay in implementation?

Yielding on that point might have given the administration desperately needed time to work out the program difficulties, including the disastrous roll out of the Obamacare web site.

Yes, Obama would have lost face, but, given the onerous situation, he might have been able to salvage at least some credibility.

As it is, the president has fostered a loss of confidence in the Obamacare plan itself, and, more importantly, in his credibility with the American people.

Reasonable people are now questioning all of the president’s statements about Obamacare. They wonder, “What else is he lying about, and why would anyone take his word about health care?”

Thus, this president’s inability to be honest with the American people may cause more devastation to his signature achievement than all the Congressional Republicans managed to accomplish.

The big question: Will the American people hold Barack Obama accountable for shutting down the government over a program that does not work and which does not even match his campaign promises?