CAUTION: Amnesty Another Big-Government Disaster in the Making!

By John W. Lillpop

In light of the massive failure of the Obamacare health -care reform folly, one would expect the President of the United States, in conjunction with responsible members of Congress, to be skeptically circumspect when considering major policy changes, especially those that require extensive involvement and operational competence from government bureaucrats.

Given the crash and burn history of Obamacare, it should now be obvious to even the most dedicated big-government progressive that the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America, although a catchy line of rhetoric for inclusion in campaign speeches, quickly turns into fairy dust when it comes to responsible governance.

Indeed, Obamacare has affirmed the fact that big government has never been, and will never be, capable of providing creative solutions to complex problems involving tens of millions of people and trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Unfortunately, President Obama seems unbowed by the most egregious failure of big government in the history of America.

Rather, he has diverted his attention to the insane notion of providing amnesty to 11-30 million illegal aliens, most of whom have no health insurance and are needy in other ways that only crazed liberals can appreciate.

In essence, Obama is willing to ignore legitimate concerns about America’s fiscal, social, rule of law, and cultural heritage in order to secure long-term political gain for the Democrat Party and the progressive agenda.

Thus, another ‘Teaching moment’ is lost on our ego-maniacal, intellectual elitist, much to the peril of 330 million of we the people!

CAUTION: Providing amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens would present enormous challenges to a government which has proven utterly incompetent in conscripting millions of reluctant citizens into the Obama war on health care Exceptionalism.

To begin with, the government estimate is that 11 million illegals presently reside in America. That figure has been used for years, and is most likely hugely underestimated.

Remember, 11 million is an estimate from the Obama government which has a vested interest in low-balling the number for political purposes.

How about 30-40 million illegals, many (most?) of whom are non-English speaking, illiterate in their own languages, unskilled, carriers of diseases long ago eradicated in America, food stamp and welfare addicts, and whom retain intractable loyalty to their nations of origin?

How might the Obama government handle the processing of 30-40 million illegals while protecting the interests of American citizens?

Can our government be counted on to effectively review illegal alien applicants to determine:

( )Ability to assimilate into American society

( )Criminal, financial, and medical backgrounds;

( )English proficiency;

( )Existence of potential terrorism threats;

( )Ability to survive without becoming a burden of taxpayers;

( )Respect for the rule of law; and

Ability to contribute positively to American society?

And how will government handle the dicey issue of deporting those unsuitable for US citizenship?

Bottom line: Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster, unprecedented in US history. Why would any patriotic American politician look to repeat the Obamacare nightmare when it comes to illegal immigration?