Whither the Obama-Reid Obsession With “Clean”?

By John W Lillpop

For several weeks, the Obama-Reid bankruptcy cabal insisted that the continuing resolution for funding the government and legislation to raise the debt ceiling be ‘clean,” that is, free of any provisions that would address the out-of-control federal deficit and the devastating impact of Obamacare on jobs and the economy in general.

Thus, clean, according to progressives was defined as legislation that would not upset the status quo, as if it were worth preserving rather than eradicating.

However, in the final hours before the threat of default was silenced (until February 7) and the waste and abuse of taxpayer money was allowed to resume (until January 15), weasels on both sides of the aisle came together in an ungodly act of bi-partisanship which takes the immediate pressure off the Representatives and Senators, the leading-from-behind community organizer in the Oval Office, but which does absolutely nothing to address issues that could ruin the lives of untold future generations.

Oh, and despite their stern warnings, the Democrats accepted an ‘unclean’ bill, which was deemed OK because it involved more spending and payment of $175,000 to the wealthy widow of deceased Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg.

So much for the demand for a “clean” package: When it comes to spending taxpayer money and giving money away to a rich Democrat widow, Obama and Reid decided that clean was overrated, at least in this instance!