Amnesty Is About Importing Poverty, Illiteracy, Ignorance, and Crime!

By John W. Lillpop

When it comes to immigration policy, the US objective should be to reward the “best and brightest” of those seeking to come to America with the most coveted citizenship in the entire world.

Indeed, the objective should be to recruit those who will make America stronger and better, rather than pandering to no- account louses and losers whom have ignored our borders and laws and whom can add nothing to the greatest nation on earth.

Tragically, most politicians in the Democrat Party and certain Rinos in the GOP are willing to forgo American sovereignty, Exceptionalism, and the rule of law in order to play political nicety with unworthy invaders from south of our border.

Why? What in the hell is wrong with politicians who no longer care about the well-being of American citizens, and whom favor miscreant invaders who should not even be here, much less endowed with US citizenship?

America is not well. We have a $17 trillion federal deficit, trillions more in future obligations for which there is not funding, savagely- tenacious unemployment and underemployment, and racial tensions at the boiling point.

Given what is going on in America today, how does it make sense to deliberately import tens of millions of uneducated, illiterate, non-English speaking, low-skill peasants with a history of ignoring the rule of law, including tax evasion?

Just what do 11-30 million invaders bring to the table, other than poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, and disease?

America simply does not need and, cannot afford, 11-30 million invaders and the problems they bring.

The era of America being the dumping grounds for undesirables from third-world failed states like Mexico must
end. NOW!