Obamacare: ‘Glitch’ Or Predictable Big Government SNAFU under a Deluded Marxist?

By John W. Lillpop

According to the dictionary, GLITCH means “minor technical problem.” Attributing the non-rollout of Obamacare to a Glitch is akin to calling the federal deficit “troubling.”

Fact is, despite what Barack Obama and the liberal media say, the deficit and Obamacare represent huge, perhaps irreversible, threats to American democracy and the future well-being of untold future generations of Americans.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is so narcissistic and delusional that he refuses to see truth in either case.

His bone-headed determination to preserve his forgettable legacy, even if it means doom for hundreds of millions of Americans, is deplorable and a true indication that 44 has no moral mooring or genuine regard for people, little or powerful.

Even more to the point: The colossal flop of Obamacare is no surprise to anyone who has used common sense rather than listening to the outrageous lies and exaggerations promulgated by The One.

Obamacare: Completely predictable from a government managed by Marxist buffoons and anti-business morons!