Progressive Insanity: Illegals Thrive in California; Felons Boosted in Illinois!

By John W. Lillpop

Liberal debauchery, a product of profound ideological insanity, is in sharp ascent throughout our shut down, bankrupt nation.

It all starts in the sunny barrios of California, where “Moonbeam” Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation which allows illegal aliens to drive in the Brown-battered state.

Mind you, the licensed invaders are given a driver’s license which clearly warns that the license is NOT to be used as valid ID for federal purposes.

ACLU shysters are already preparing legal briefs to protest the license disclaimer as---what else?-- racial discrimination.

Joining the ACLU lawyers in fighting for the illegal alien perk will be a fresh crop of lawyers whom are themselves illegal aliens, but whom are now able to practice law in California…thanks again to Jerry Brown’s tragic “Senior moment” which has lasted 40 years and has all but destroyed what was once a great state.

Anticipate a huge celebration in the immigrant rights community when an illegal alien attorney saves a drunken illegal alien gardener from Vehicular Manslaughter charges, by arguing that the driver’s 2.9 blood alcohol result should be inadmissible because of the discrimination fostered by the license which makes the miscreant’s illegal status so very obvious.

Things are almost as nutty 2,000 miles to the East where Governor Pat Quinn, another unhinged Democrat, has jumped in bed with convicted felons against business owners.

As reported at the reference:

Advocates said new legislation that helps ex-felons find jobs could also curb violence.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Saturday signed laws that could result in lesser sentences for nonviolent offenders, streamline the expungement process and, in some cases, could clear a defendant’s record.

Anthony Lowery is the director for policy and advocacy at Safer Foundation, a local prisoner reentry program. He said ex-offenders often come home to high crime areas.

“They have the majority of people who have arrest and conviction records and who can’t get employment,” he said. “So, young people don’t see people coming out of the house going to work. They see people coming out of those houses standing on the corners.”
Quinn’s action will also help criminals who just happen to be unemployed former governors of Illinois—a population grossly over represented in the ranks of convicted felons!

From California to Illinois the message worth repeating is: Liberalism is a mental disorder that may be dangerous to your health!

Voters would be well advised to take up cigarettes rather than voting for any Democrat! Ever!