THIS Is Utopia?

By John W. Lillpop

When the phenomenon known as Obamamania first swept across America, progressives hailed The One as the answer to all the problems which had befuddled humankind since the start of time.

Barack Hussein Obama we were told, by progressive savants, the mainstream media, and by The One himself, would atone for damage inflicted on the republic and its millions of citizens by 43 white males whom had preceded him in the Presidency, all of whom had failed to come even close to delivering Utopia, the progressive vision of heaven.

Utopia would be ours, it was promised, if only The One were allowed to implement progressive policies which would end the national obsession with capitalism, the US Constitution, the Rule of law, and other old-school notions adopted by white slave owners more than 230 years ago.

Government alone could deliver peace and prosperity to the great unwashed masses by leveling the playing field between the capable and incompetent, between the ambitious and the slothful, between the bright and the dim-witted, and between the accomplished and the dependent.

Barack Obama would ‘fundamentally transform America’ including the including:

* Abandonment of the mind set which begets perpetual war

* Peace through diplomacy. Even with Islamic terrorist states like Iran the key would be talk, talk, and more talk

* A program of government subsidies and stimulus to end chronic unemployment and retarded economic growth

* Increased taxes on the wealthy as a way to redistribute wealth to the less successful, less capable, and less ambitious members of society

* Free universal heath-care, including abortions and birth control, for all

* Actions to end the “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” need to constantly raise the debt ceiling

* Unprecedented transparency in governance

* An end to the era of ‘racial politics’

* Eradication of special interest lobbyists

* Promotion of large, intrusive, non-accountable government over the interests of private enterprise

* Nanny state policies to disembowel coal, oil and other harmful energy sources, in favor of solar (Solyndra), wind, and other renewable “green” fantasies

In short, life under Barack and his Marxist pals would be filled with joy, prosperity, peace, prosperity, and love.

So, after five years of Utopia, America, how is that working out for you?