More Essential: Well-being of 330 Million Americans, or Ego Comfort of a Tyrant?

By John W. Lillpop

Being an intellectual heavy weight is not all roses and wine, as America’s failed community organizer/president has learned.

In fact, life as an intellectual elitist can be down-right challenging in a nation like America where kings, monarchs, dictators and those who believe they are entitled to special treatment are more despised, or ignored, than worshiped.

Being scorned while a member of royalty (at least in one’s own delusional thinking) is particularly distressing in a state which adheres to principles like equality, no one above the law, and other democratic ideals.

Which leaves Barack Obama jaded and out of place in America.

For example, his recent humiliation at the hands of Russian President Vladimire Putin during the Syrian standoff sent The One into a towering rage. For it was Putin’s ability to out smart, out class, and out maneuver Obama that has backed our beleaguered Ego Maniac-in-Chief into a corner, one that he cannot obliterate, even with a duly executed Executive Order.

Respect and honor cannot be decreed by fiat, no matter how precocious The One may be.

Barack Obama has reacted to his ego-scalding at the hands of his Russian counterpart in the only way he knows: By throwing a childish fit and refusing to negotiate about the Continuing Resolution, the Debt Ceiling, funding of essential government functions, and by acting out in juvenile behavior that one would expect from a six-year-old spoiled brat, but not from a 52-year-old “man” who claims exclusive rights to the moral and intellectual high grounds.

Still, given Obama’s several recent failures, who can honestly blame him for avoiding confrontations?

After all, having one’s clock cleaned on the world stage by a KGB thug would make anyone hesitant to engage further, even if the opposition is no greater than those low-life, Republican right-wing extremists!

All of which is why The One has refused to negotiate at all with the House of Representatives, a co-equal partner of government, at least according to the US Constitution.

The fact that the well-being of 330 million Americans will be adversely impacted is of little moment to The One.

For it is his ego, and preservation of his imagined superiority, that is most important of all.

Suffering another humiliating negotiations defeat just to advance the interests of the American people is a “non-starter” to Barack Hussein Obama.