Spirit of Lois Lerner and Her “Phony Scandal” Haunts Dr. Ben Carson!

By John W. Lillpop

Although she has been driven from her position with the IRS and is supposedly no longer involved with that dysfunctional, and perhaps at times criminal, wing of the Democrat Party, the spirit of Lois Lerner appears to be alive and well as the agency continues it shameless abuse of authority against Americans for political purposes.

The latest victim of the ongoing “Phony scandal” waged by the IRS against Barack Obama’s enemies looks to be Dr. Ben Carson, as reported at the reference:

Tea party groups, Franklin Graham, Christine O'Donnell, a pro-marriage group. And now Dr. Ben Carson.

The list of conservatives targeted by the Internal Revenue Service for audits, tax-exempt reviews or tax privacy breaches keeps growing, raising fresh questions in Washington about whether a scandal the Obama administration has blamed on bureaucratic incompetence and coincidence may in fact involve something more nefarious.

The latest revelation came Thursday from Dr. Carson, the renowned neurosurgeon who told The Washington Times that he was targeted for an audit just months after he gave a speech in front of President Obama that challenged America’s leadership. The agency requested to review his real estate holdings and then conducted a full audit.

In the end, the IRS found no wrongdoing, Dr. Carson said, but it raised his suspicions about being singled out for his speech.

“I guess it could be a coincidence, but I never had been audited before and never really had any encounters with the IRS,” Dr. Carson said in an interview. “But it certainly would make one suspicious because we know now the IRS has been used for political purposes and therefore actions like this come under suspicion.”

Melanie Sloan, head of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and a former Justice Department prosecutor during the Clinton years, said she had not been that concerned about the IRS reviews of the growing number of tea party groups but the story of Dr. Carson’s audit raised red flags.

“I have not been particularly persuaded in the past with the IRS targeting of the tea party groups. But this one seems a little odd. This certainly raises questions that I assume someone will begin to investigate,” she said.”

Assuming that an investigation will be convened is but a silly fairy tale, at least in the US Senate, given the work load and agenda of Majority Leader Harry Reid and his supporting cast of liberal goons who spend all of their time and energy keeping the US government shut down.

Remember that it was the cheeky Reid who just last week chided a reporter for suggesting that the Democrats might abandon their shutdown strategy long enough to address the life and death needs of a young girl afflicted with cancer.

‘Why would we want to do that?'
replied Reid in a cold and ruthless moment of unintended transparency that exposed liberal compassion as one of the greatest frauds in modern political history.

Investigate the IRS for using “Nixonian” tactics and abuse against an American who is vocal in opposing the tyranny of Barack Obama?

One can almost hear Harry Reid whispering his reply, “Why would we want to do that?”