Jay Carney’s Shocking Confession, “I am not a computer expert!”

By John W. Lillpop

As the Obamacare bubble continues to implode as a result of self-inflicted punctures, Press Secretary Jay Carney, Barack Obama’s ‘paid liar,’ appears to be cracking under the strain and stress of the failed attempt at health-care reform.

Although Carney has always been at the quick and ready to defend Obama’s Marxist experiment with the health and well-being of 330 million Americans, Carney’s fragile psyche has forced him to refer recent Obamacare questions to the Human and Health Services Department, currently in the shaky hands of Kathleen Sebelius.

As reported:

Jay Carney continued to dodge questions about the various problems plaguing Obamacare’s online exchanges today, by pleading ignorance and repeatedly pointing reporters’ questions to the Department of Health and Human Services.

At the end of Tuesday’s daily briefing, after offering one last referral to HHS, Carney walked out of the room as frustrated reporters continued to ask him questions.

Carney explained that, due to his inexperience with website construction, he wouldn’t be able to comment on some of the technical and specific elements of the websites’ development. “I’m not a computer expert, I don’t build websites,” he said.”

After delivering his first transparent answer about the Obamacare nightmare in over three years, Carney stormed out of the room in search of solace and comfort.

To which we say: Cheer up, Jay, we understand that Obamacare has excellent mental-health benefits, designed to help a paid liar cope with burn out and Obama fatigue.

You have signed up, right?