Sebelius Plea , “Don’t Do This To Me!” Reflects National View Toward Obamacare

By John W. Lillpop

In testimony before the US House on October 30, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius experienced an embarrassing moment when she uttered, “Don’t do this to me” into a live microphone.

Although Sebelius did not intend for her frustration and anger to be vetted all across the nation, she deserves credit for producing a concise statement about how most Americans view the Marxist nightmare known as “Obamacare.”

Her slip also appears to be the only heartfelt and sincere words she spoke during a 3.5 hour grilling. Other than her unintended outburst, Madam Secretary stayed loyal to the talking points developed by progressives to make the Obamacare Messianic mission appear to be a roaring success.

She was asked, has the President fulfilled his pledge that folks could “Keep your plan and doctor,” she unhesitatingly replied, “Yes, he has!”

Good God, is it not true that lying under oath is a felony? Why was she not arrested on the spot and charged with perjury?

Her devotion to the Barack Obama worship society became obvious when the Secretary fell on her sword by telling Congress to hold her accountable for the fiasco.

Unfortunately, like most of Sebelius’s testimony, her suicide sword was harmless plastic and as phony as Obama’s promise to cover 30 million uninsured souls while simultaneously reducing overall health-care costs.

A tragically- comedic moment came when Secretary Sebelius tried to dodge a question about whether she would sign-up for Obamacare herself. To which she erroneously declared that she could not do so because it was “illegal.”


Imagine that, the bureaucrat entrusted with management of 16 percent of the US economy and the health care of 330 million Americans is utterly ignorant of the law, even as she tries to defend it before Congress.

In light of the Sebelius performance, is it any wonder that Obamacare is likely to die at the hands of incompetent, power-mad bureaucrats who do not understand health care, the economy, or the American people?

Bottom Line: “Don’t do this to me!” may be the new rallying cry for patriots who advocate a separation between state and health care!