A Word of Caution to GOP House Members: A Vote For Amnesty Is a Vote for Obamacare!

By John W. Lillpop

Some rumors suggest that the reported death of amnesty in the US House may have been a bit premature.

Indeed, it appears that some Republicans, all of whom should know better, are favorably disposed toward a sweeping “Get out of Jail” card for tens of millions of invading criminals who have ignored US borders and immigration laws, and who all too often avail themselves of public services to which they are not entitled.

American sovereignty, the rule of law, and fundamental fairness seem to be out of vogue in the scrambled minds of some otherwise good Republicans.

There is a word of caution that must be delivered to any and all wobbly Republicans considering the unseemly surrender of superior American values and culture to third-world parasites from south of our borders:

Namely, the insidious disaster known as ObamaCare cannot survive without enrolling tens of millions of uneducated peasants currently known as illegal aliens!

Which is why Marxist pin heads like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have pushed amnesty so vigorously. Progressives must import impoverished, non- English speaking criminals in order to make a go of the newly minted entitlement needed to put the finishing touches on the demise of the greatest society in human history.

Thus, to good Republicans who oppose ObamaCare, remember: A vote for amnesty is a vote for ObamaCare!