Where Are the Jobs, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama, ever mindful of the “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” political truth, decided that Eric Holder, although a dear friend, was expendable in the name of continuing Obama’s Hope and Change farce for another four years.

Which is why Obama refused to hand over documents requested by Congressional Republicans investigating Fast and Furious, Obama’s stealth assault on the 2nd Amendment gone terribly wrong.
By evoking Executive Privilege, Obama almost guaranteed that Eric Holder will be held in Contempt of Congress.

Naturally, the president feels deep sorrow for his devoted ally and top cop.

Still, there are advantages to Holder's demise, most of which involve manipulating media coverage.

With Holder’s angry mug hogging headlines everywhere, little or no space is left for the dreary statistics and awful doom and gloom stories about jobs and the economy-- issues which highlight Obama’s incompetence and impotence.

So what if a fellow black is forced under the bus for a few months? If Obama succeeds in winning reelection, Holder can be scraped off the bottom of the bus and reinstated to a role that will best serve the needs of BHO.

And that, after all, is ALL that really matters, right?

Objective journalists need to realize that they are being duped, by continuing to ask, “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?”