Did SCOTUS Just Resurrect the Messiah?

By John W. Lillpop

This was supposed to be the worst week in the presidency, thus far, of Barack Obama. The president was, according to punditry, going to be walloped by SCOTUS on two critical decisions—Arizona immigration law and ObamaCare.

On top of dreadful economic news and dire projections for the months before the November elections, a double defeat in the high court would seal the deal against this president who was supposed to be an expert in Constitutional law.

Today was Judgement Day for Obama and his Marxist policies when the world expected ObamaCare to be dumped into the trash heap.

Unfortunately for conservatives and America, Obama won a partial victory against the Arizona immigration law and a HUGE victory on ObamaCare. Particularly with ObamaCare, the president scored a major upset win that could provide a big boost to his reelection odds.

Tonight the big question is: Did SCOTUS resurrect the Messiah status of Barack Obama?

Even more distressing: Moon Bat Nancy Pelosi was proven right as she predicted that ObamaCare would be upheld 6-3.

God help us if the nation is becoming in agreement with Obama and Pelosi!