Time to Scratch Obama’s “I’ll Have Another” Fantasy?

By John W. Lillpop

From the world of Sports, Triple Crown aspirant “I’ll Have Another” has provided President Barack Obama with an excellent “Teaching Opportunity” for pursuing the 2012 election, just five months away.

As reported at the reference, the superstar horse was scratched from the scheduled Belmont Stakes this afternoon, thereby losing the chance for conquering the Triple Crown this year:

Horse racing was dealt a devastating blow on Friday morning.

Trainer Doug O'Neill confirmed that his horse, I'll Have Another, won't run in the Belmont Stakes on Saturday afternoon.

O'Neill cited injury as the reason the horse won't run in the race.

I'll Have Another was looking to win the first Triple Crown since Affirmed took home all three of horse racing's biggest races in 1978.”
Obama could use some horse sense of his own in facing the barrage of criticism coming from fellow partisans Bill Clinton, Larry Summers, Diane Feinstein, and other leading Democrats, whom have taken exception to Obama’s naïve criticism of Bain Capital, his refusal to push for an extension of the Bush tax cuts, and his role in dangerous leaks of national security secrets to media.

The big question: Is Barack Obama man enough to admit that the time has come to scratch his “I’ll Have Another” bid for the White House?