Barack Obama: Ignoring Constitution, Congress, & Rule of Law “Right Thing To Do”

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s wretched abuse of the American people and Democratic process took another ugly turn for the worse on Friday, when our clueless president unilaterally decided to grant amnesty to approximately one million illegal aliens, invaders whom should be on trains, planes, automobiles, boats, foot, and moats, en route to points south of our border, rather than feted as possible swing voters.

Obama added to the absurdity of the moment by announcing that invaders would be granted immunity from deportation AND issued work permits.

Work permits for illegal aliens in an economy that appears destined for a double-dip recession and where 23 million Americans are already unemployed or unemployed?

Typical Obama.

Instead of working 24/7 to alter his mindless, job-killing rhetoric and policies in a way that will encourage businesses to add jobs, this dull knife in a dark suit is, once again, stabbing American citizens in the back so as to placate Hispanic voters, legal and otherwise, in time for the November election.

Even worse: Obama and Janet Napolitano, alleged Secretary of Homeland Security, have justified their idiotic political malfeasance as the “right thing to do.”

The “right thing to do”?

Other than benefiting illegal aliens, Mexico, and the Obama reelection fraud, how can such a vile act be considered anything more than Marxist Anarchy, waged for raw, corrupt political power?