Governor Walker’s Powerful Message to America: Austerity Works!

By John W. Lillpop

Governor Scott Walker’s defeat of the hideous recall vendetta against him is far more than just a victory for Wisconsin and conservative Republicans.

Indeed, the Governor’s triumph sent messages rich in hope and inspiration to politicians all across the nation.
His example will be invaluable to other governors and legislators seeking solutions to the fiscal Armageddon wrought by ObamaMania.

Walker proved that austerity does work, provided that political leaders have the cajoles to face reality, make the tough choices, and endure, despite intense pressure from greedy labor unions and reckless Democrats.

Of course, Walker’s controversial reforms have riled big labor and Democrats; however, results are all that really count when it comes to surviving a depression.

And Walker’s results have been a rousing success.

By making the tough, unpopular choices, the Governor has turned a brutal budget deficit into a modest surplus. His policies have added tens of thousands of jobs to Wisconsin. He even managed a modest tax cut in the midst of his reforms!

In other words, Governor Walker applied a conservative formula to Wisconsin’s fiscal woes—and, as advertised, it worked famously!

In comparison, President Obama wasted almost a trillion stimulus dollars and nearly four years in a futile effort to spend America out of fiscal hell, only to see the crisis worsen as a result of his denial-riddled thinking.

Walker followed a staunch conservative path, thereby producing desperately-needed economic relief for the people he serves.

Governor Scott Walker is a newly-minted hero. He has provided a template for success that could actually save America, if used by political leaders, including President Mitt Romney starting in 2013.

Best of all, Governor Walker set a national tone and tenor that could end Barack Obama’s disastrous career, five months hence!

Bravo, Governor Scott Walker!