How to Say, “Fork Obama!” Without Being Arrested?

By John W. Lillpop

In his hyper-egotistical, narcissistic mind, President Obama assumes that he has a strangle- hold on the Latino vote, both legal and otherwise.

However, the Secret Service, those sterling folks charged with protecting the President from harm, are apparently not quite so sure.

As reported at the reference, in part, Latinos gathered for a speech by The One in Florida were not allowed to keep their forks, and knives were missing altogether before Obama took the stage:

“Just a few days after announcing that his administration would no longer deport about 800,000 young illegal immigrants, you would think that President Obama would be received as something of a hero by NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, before whom Obama is giving a speech this afternoon in Orlando.

But the Secret Service wasn't taking any chances. As hundreds of Latino elected officials were enjoying their lunch at Disney's Contemporary Resort earlier today, it was announced that forks would be collected before Obama took the stage. It was also mentioned that knives, too, were entirely absent from the lunch for "a reason."


No forks, no knives allowed.  Even in the hands of one of Obama’s strongest and most loyal constituents, no less?

Might this be an ominious sign for Obama’s reelection prospects, or it simply an isolated example of over reaction by the Secret Service, on a mission to redeem the Service after their witch-hunt fiasco in Coluimbia?

Thus, the query, How does one say, “Fork Obama!” in Spanish?